The I.C.F. Mission / Vision

We Count On Your Support! Please Give What You Can.  Moses was sent forth, with no idea where he was going, and the Lord revealed to him when it was time to stop. So too, He's been leading us. Along that path we have met and received wisdom from many sources and have determined the following objectives for this ministry:

* To recruit & equip for service those who have a heart to serve

* To mobilize and encourage Chaplains to participate and assist in the development of practical community based projects

* To admonish and encourage continuing training so that Chaplains can be professional, responsible and confident

To develop resources and allies, for the work of this ministry

* To be watchful stewards of this ministry by seeking His direction and desire in what He's called us to do


We seek to provide understanding of  the means and the methods necessary to provide working relationships between the Sacred and the Secular in society. As a result of the first ammendent protection which is afforded to Chaplains there can be a workable and beneficial relationship between the secular & religious sectors of society for the goal of ministry in the work place, and the continuing education & training of a professional work force in the area of Chaplaincy.


It is our strongest desire to see chaplains who are professionally licensed and equipped, providing life changing services to the communities in which they live through involvement in all areas of community life.


To provide strong community support and spiritual leadership and support to emergency service workers, those in crisis, secular society and those persons in transition by meeting their needs. Trained and licensed chaplains can provide counsel, education, advocacy, life improvement skills and recovery training, providing a bridge between the secular and spiritual environments of community life throughout the world.


We believe that God has called and inspired ministry in the workplace. As Chaplains who minister in the areas of Critical Incident, Grief and Loss, and Trauma, as well as the Spiritual needs of those whom we serve, we believe that professionalism is essential in both the religious and secular areas of our ministries. We will strive to prepare ourselves morally, spiritually, and educationally in order to present ourselves in the role of professional and compassionate ministers of God. Therefore, we must and will, maintain the highest standards of accountability and integrity.

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?" - Isaiah 43:18-19

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