Welcome, members and visitors.! We do our work with passion and humility, with you standing with us, by caring for each other as we care for others, and by the deepening of our ability to serve through our own personal and spiritual growth. We do this work with the deepest of gratitude as we fulfill our mission.

Ways to Help Us

* Prayer - Please pray for our ministry, for our staff, and especially for the clients we serve.

* Cash Donations - Donations made through checks, credit cards, or cash are deeply appreciated.

Support Opportunities Online

* Consider Giving Online. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a receipt for the full amount of your donation. 95% of your donation will be realized by International Chaplains Fellowship.

If the Holy Spirit leads you to, you can donate now by clicking the donations button. Please designate the type of your gift:.

One Time Gift - Monthly Pledge - or Annual Pledge

* Non-cash Donations or Estate Planning - Stock, life insurance, IRA distributions, and other retirement plan funds can be donated. These gift methods may offer significant tax advantages. Consider including International Chaplains your Will.Consult your financial advisor and/or attorney for personal advice.

Designate Your Gift

Designated gift options include:

* Help us to sustain our overall ministry services; allows us the flexibility to determine area of greatest need at the time of the donation.

* Our ministry provides faith-based professional counseling services to the uninsured and underserved, including individuals and families of the Batesville area communities.

* Endowment Fund: Sustains the future mission and services of all our outreach ministries, Funds are invested with intention of providing a resource for future use in perpetuity.

* Undesignated Gifts will be used in area of greatest need.

* It's a reflection of your heart. Matthew 6:19-20

* It's a privilege. 2 Corinthians 8:2-4,7

* It's faith in action. Acts 4:32-35

We are preparing our budget for fiscal 2011-2012, and we need your help! Now, more than ever, it's extremely important for us, as Christians, to focus our gifts and efforts to equip, empower and credential individuals who want to dedicate their lives in service to Our Lord Jesus. International Chaplains called and dedicated to empower, equip and credential Chaplains and Ministers of the Gospel of Christ as they are each in turn called by God to go out into the world to bring healing love and truth to God's people.

Love God. Love others. Even with my finances. When it's upside down, money controls people and destroys lives. It's the #1 cause of divorce, a top level stress contributor and common cause of suicide. However, when it's right side up, money is a tool of a generous life helping people grow closer to God and each other. "If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth." - (1 John 3:17-18).

So then how can you help? You can make a huge impact on the future of many, many souls by giving of your own resources to International Chaplains Fellowship.. Our volunteers work very hard to utilize their time and talents to further the work of Our Lord. We don't hire web designers, proffesional fundraisers or office staffing.We humblly accept the talents of those who give their best efforts for International Chaplains Fellowship.'s mission. Only 5% of all donations are used for Administrative overhead. We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with BCO in our very important mission to souls. We have three levels of partnership available for individuals who feel called by God to help financially support our ministry at International Chaplains Fellowship..

Your one time, monthly or annual gift, whatever the amount, will go very far in helping to reach out to those seeking emotional and spiritual healing. 95% of your contribution goes directly into the outreach directives of our ministry. Pray for direction and ask God if He wants you to financially support our ministry. International Chaplains Fellowship. is a faith based non-denominational branch of Healing Souls Ministry. It is a ministry of presence for all of our member chaplains. You can be confident that all donations go for the stability and advancement of International Chaplains Fellowship and its members. No individual or individuals shall share in the profits, if any, of International Chaplains Fellowship, but all such monies, above operating expenses, shall be used in propagating the gospel. We are, therefore, a non-profit fellowship.

If this is His will for you, we will prayerfully strive to be the best possible stewards of your funds for ministry in the name of Christ. If you feel led by God to support International Chaplains Fellowship your gift of ANY amount will go a long way in helping us to equip and empower God's people around the world to reach hurting souls for Christ.

Dr. Jake Julian

Crisis Response Chaplain

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