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As a member of International Chaplains Fellowship - ( I.C.F):

1. I will read, understand, and follow the International Chaplains Fellowships' Codes of Ethics.

2. I will seek to provide for pastoral care and ministry to persons of religious bodies other than my own within my area of responsibility with the same investment of myself as I give to members of my own religious body.

3. I will work collegially with chaplains of religious bodies other than my own as together we seek to provide as full a ministry as possible to our people.

4. I will respect the beliefs and traditions of my colleagues and those to whom I minister. When conducting services of worship that include persons of other than my religious body, I will draw upon those beliefs, principles, and practices that we have in common.

5. I will maintain a disciplined ministry in such ways as keeping hours of prayer and devotion, endeavoring to maintain wholesome family relationships and regularly engaging in educational and recreational activities for professional and personal development. I will seek to maintain good health habits.

6. I will hold in confidence any privileged communication received by me during the conduct of my ministry. I will not disclose confidential communications in private or in public unless it is required by law to report to legal authorities.

7. I will not proselytize from other religious bodies, but I retain the right to evangelize those who are not affiliated.

8. I will not in any way misrepresent myself as an enforcement officer, federal agent or any other government entity. I am confident in the fact that I am a chaplain and minister.

9. I will honestly represent my educational qualifications and affiliations.

10. I will understand the high value and dignity of the human being and actively attempt to avoid allowing my personal needs to exploit others. I am aware of the power invested in chaplains by their role as caregivers, and aware of the vulnerability of the people they seek to help. As a chaplain, I will never exploit anyone within my care, whether sexually, emotionally, or financially.

11. I will never engage in any form of sexual misconduct, in any form, including entering into sexual relationships with the people whom I serve. I will never physically or verbally abuse, harass, intimidate, or exploit anyone. Where I see such misconduct happening, I will report it to the appropriate supervisor.

12. I will actively attempt to understand and recognize the diverse cultural backgrounds of the people soliciting or receiving my pastoral care.

13. I will not condone or engage in discrimination for any reason.

14. I will not accept donations or gifts that would place the donor's welfare, or their family's welfare, or the chaplaincy client relationship, in jeopardy.

15. I will take an active role in helping to build Become a Chaplain Org.by recruiting new members for membership, thereby assuring the future advancement of the ministry.

16. I will not talk down to, degrade, belittle, or disrespect other members in any way for any reason including but not limited to the following: color, culture, disability, ethnic, gender, race, religion, education, marital or sociological status or for any other reason.

17. I will respect the right, and the dignity, of all those that come to me requesting pastoral care.

18. I will obtain permission from any person to whom I provide pastoral care before taking written notes or electronically recording pastoral encounters.

19. I will protect and otherwise control the safety and confidentiality of any pastoral encounters and records I create, maintain, transfer, or destroy whether the records are written, taped, computerized, or stored in any other medium.

20. I will be committed to continue my pastoral and personal continuous education to be better equipped to serve God's people.

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