We Count On Your Support! Please Give What You Can. Dr. Jake Julian is the founder of International Chaplains Fellowship. During prayer and fasting in December 2009 he had a vision to reach and empower those who God has called into spiritual maturity. By Gods direction, he has developed and implemented this organization. ICF began from God’s blessing and  prayerful guidance. Dr.Julian founded I.C.F. in Batesville MS.in late 2009. He is is FEMA trained Emergency Response Chaplain, and . He works as the pastoral care coordinator at Tri Lakes Medical Center in Batesville Mississippi.

Jake is a committed Christian counselor and chaplain working at living out his faith daily in his professional and personal life. He is an ordained non-denominational minister. He holds a Bachelors of Pastoral Counseling and holds a Doctorate of Pastoral Pscyhcology from Trinity Evangelical Christian University. He also works as a Christian Counselor at Batesville Christian Counseling Center , he's an active member of American Association of Christian Counselors. He serves as the Executive Director of the Batesville Safe Shelter. He attends Hosanna Family Worship Center in Pope MS.

"My goal is to always maintain ethical interactions while providing a respectful and caring relationship to all individuals I serve. I have a real heart for people and work hard to help them overcome past, present, and future obstacles that can hinder them from succeeding as Gods' children. As a chaplain I hold true to the core value that every person should be respected, and treated with dignity. I enjoy working with our chaplains and motivating them to succeed. I have a strong work ethic and  I am commited to providing quality care. Supporting chaplains is an important ministry to me. I have a great desire to assist each one in reaching their potential and working with them to realize their strength in God."  I.C.F. continues to strive to improve the quality of our services, to work closely with our member chaplains to maintain a high quality of training and services.

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