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Chaplains hold a vital place within the pastoral ministry. They enter the lives of suffering We Count On Your Support! Please Give What You Can. people during times of great emotional, physical, and spiritual crisis. They are caring caregivers that stand beside those who are suffering, offering prayer, encouragement, and spiritual direction. Often, this includes ministry to entire families. As such, chaplains have to be more than just well-meaning volunteers. Qualified chaplains are deeply committed to Scriptural integrity. Whether in hospice care, hospitals, institutional correctional chaplaincy, in fire, police, and emergency roles or campus chaplaincy and nursing homes, ICF strives for excellence in supporting the special men and women intent on ministering God’s unfailing love to a hurting world. As in everything, please seek God as to your association with this organization. This IS NOT a ministry that requires that you leave your church or current ministry to participate. We are functional both on and offline. If you desire to become a part of B.C.O. / I.C.F. offline, please do E-mail us.

International Chaplains Fellowship was formed to answer a rapidly growing need for trained, qualified, and commited chaplains of all denominational backgrounds. ICF strives to provide growth through it's high standards, strong adherence to our code of ethics, certificate programs, and a faithful commitment to the sacred service of others. Our creed is , "Supporting Chaplains Through Prayer, Fellowship and Training" as reflected in 2nd Corinthians 1:4  “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When others are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us..”

Often people make assumptions when their questions go un-answered or un-communicated. That can be dangerous and damaging to both the chaplain and organization. So this is what ICF is and is not

I.C.F. is:

An international, professional membership organization made up of chaplains from different faith groups.

An equipping organization to assist individual chaplains.

An organization that assists in the starting of chaplaincy programs or strengthens existing programs.

An organization offering professional resources to chaplains of different and varying levels of experience.

An organization that encourages and fosters networking between chaplains

An organization that expresses itself with religious tolerance and respect for people of all faith traditions.

An organization that provides a safe-haven for wounded chaplains

An organization that has a world-vision for chaplaincy

I.C.F. is not:

An extension of your denomination or faith group

A place to build a resume

A clique, club, or private organization

I hope that you will familiarize yourself with International Chaplains Fellowship . and I hope that you will challenge yourself today by becoming a member of our group of dedicated chaplains of Jesus Christ. Please take the time to carefully review our website. The benefits of ordination as a chaplain are many. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

In His Service,

Dr. Jake Julian

Executive Director

International Chaplains Fellowship

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